Talyer Auto Group

Our Team

Our team is composed of highly qualified and Australian certified Mechanics and
Technicians. We have multi-skilled and award-winning Senior Head Mechanics who have
experience in the automotive industry over the last 25 years.

All our staff continue to receive trainings, up-to-date industry information & best
practices to ensure that we provide excellent quality service to all our customers.

Talyer Auto Group Mechanics take pride in their work. They are very thorough and
hardworking professionals who are confident that your vehicle will be at its best
condition when it comes out of our workshop.
Our efficient control systems help us ensure that your vehicle is diligently checked and
attended to. We also use state of the art and advanced diagnostic tools and equipment
to effectively identify and address the needs of customers’ vehicles.

Our aim is to always provide excellent quality car service, professional customer service
and value for money. We make sure that we take the utmost care of your vehicle and
guarantee the best condition of your car.


Talyer Auto Group was founded in October 2011 initially opening at Highpoint Branch in
Maidstone. After successfully taking off in the market with a solid customer base of
multi-cultural families and small business fleet, the 2nd branch was opened in April 2017
at Dandenong South which enabled the Company to reach more customers in the
southeast of Melbourne.

The Company lives up to its corporate values of providing excellent customer service and
its mission to be the most trusted automotive servicing company in Australia, looking
after the welfare of families and businesses in all their vehicle needs.
In August 2021, Talyer Auto Group opened its new branch in the northern suburb of
Epping and later on in November 2021 in the outer west in Truganina in order to serve
more communities all over Melbourne.

To date, Talyer Auto Group has now served over 10,000 customers, serviced over 20,000
vehicles and hundreds of businesses with their company fleet entrusted at Talyer Auto
Group. The Company has grown to hiring more than 40 Employees over the last 11
YEARS including apprenticeships and providing VISA sponsorships…All these stakeholders
has made TALYER AUTO their HOME.