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Book your next car service or auto repair with the car mechanics who care. We provide the best automotive service, value for money and excellent customer care in Maidstone, Dandenong South, Epping, Truganina, Caroline Springs, and Geelong VIC.

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You can rely on Talyer Auto Service Centre to carry out all your car servicing and repair needs.

We carry out Log Book servicing to meet the manufacturer’s specific guidelines for your vehicle. Please feel free to call our office so we can provide you with a quote and give you a detailed description of what is required for the Log Book service you are after.

We also do not start any recommended work on your vehicle without your consent and final authorization. Therefore, you will always be assured and confident that the correct services were done to your vehicle.

Pre-purchase inspection

We can provide you with a Pre Purchase Comprehensive Vehicle Condition Report to ensure the next vehicle you purchase is in top condition.

We carry out these tests within our car servicing workshop equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and scanning tools. We also do a thorough under chassis and suspension check while the vehicle is elevated on the hoist.

Once all tests are completed, you will be advised on the true condition of your vehicle and be forewarned of any faults and problems found. This report gives you peace of mind in knowing the true condition of the vehicle you plan to purchase.

Full car service

We are an accredited member of VACC. And we provide exceptional service in all kinds of mechanical and auto electrical repairs thru Log Book Servicing to meet vehicle manufacturers guidelines.

Full Car Service includes the following:

We can also check your electrical systems to locate and repair faulty items. You may also require wiring and lighting repairs or even install auxiliary systems to your vehicle.

TalyerAuto carries a full range supply of automotive tyres, car batteries, car parts and accessories. So you are assured that the car parts you need are always available.

Customer Service

We are committed to giving our customers the best experience not only in Automotive Care but also in Customer Care.

Our Customer Lounge has a comfortable and friendly vibe where you can leisurely relax and watch your favorite TV shows and movies, stay connected online and partake in the coffee, tea and biscuits while you wait for your cars.

We also offer a Courtesy Shuttle to our customers who live or work within the vicinity by which you may be fetched or dropped off to your place or to a nearby area while your cars are checked-in at our workshop. This can be arranged by appointment or prior arrangement.

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